Lisa and Janet Anafo, Clinic Nutrition Assistant
Lisa and Janet, Clinical Nutrition Assistant. Before we buy, checking food prices in the Bolgatanga market.
Loading bags of maize, beans, and rice for delivery to one junior high.
Students that receive lunch from YWF at a Girls Junior High in Kongo
Some recipients of the lunch program at the Girls Junior High in Kongo.

2023 Fall updates for Yakote Women Farmers – Food Programs!
What a year for food prices! Food inflation in Ghana has been 48% over the past 12 months. This has adversely affected nutritional status for many Ghanaians. Even subsistence farming families struggle with malnutrition as they must supplement their food supply for 4 months of the year after their prior harvest is consumed.

Every year we work with the school district, teachers, clinics, and community leaders to reach those most lacking in adequate nutrition.

In 2023, Yakote Women Farmers (YWF) provided $20,607 to buy and transport local food staples in support of several large food programs. These food supplements will be even more important in the coming months:
·     Lunch programs at three Junior High schools. The average cost is just under 50 cents per meal. Though Ghana has rudimentary lunch programs forgrade schools and high schools, they have nothing for the ravenous and fast growing junior high students. To improve school attendance and academic performance, we would love to support more junior highs with food.
·     A daily meal at a busy nutrition center for malnourished children ages 0-59 months. All children visiting area health clinics are now screened for malnutrition according to World Health Organization guidelines. Those affected are sent to the Nutrition Center where YWF supplies most of the food staples. 
·     Supplemental cornmeal, dried beans, and vegetable oil for 200HIV patients.
·     For severely malnourished children, ingredients were purchased for the nutrition center to assemble 2,000 units of a very nutrient dense nutritional paste called “Plumpy Nut”.
·     For distribution to about one hundred struggling widows and orphans, supplies of cornmeal, dried beans, and cooking oil were left with the Kongo Chief, the Catholic Church, a committee at the Yakote SocialCenter, and the Queen Mother (a person designated in the community to help needy children).  

Yakote Women Farmers is able to reduce food cost because we buy in large quantities.Another significant help is that the community provides both the labor of cooking and the firewood. (Most cooking in rural communities done in large metal kettles over a wood fire.) Even at the nutrition center, the parents or guardians cook for the malnourished children.

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