A school has been selected to begin for initiation of the school feeding program!  We met with the NUFSDA (Nabdam-U.S. Friendship Development Association) committee on Sunday afternoon to select a school in which to begin the feeding program.  Tomorrow we will visit the school to start ironing out the details and take pictures.  For those of you looking at a map, the village is Guangare, located in a remote area between Nangodi and Pelungu, with restricted access due to a river crossing. When the government couldn’t/wouldn’t build a primary school, the parents themselves labored to build 2 mud structures with thatched roofs. 

Another accomplishment is the initiation of the college scholarship/loan program.  A desperate female student without funds to begin her second year of a nursing program has returned to school as of Monday, October 12.  The loan/scholarship will assure that she is able to complete the nursing program.  She is very grateful to be attending and  to not delay her education.


In other news, it is very hot!  While you all are trying to stay warm, we are chosing clothing that allows us so stay cool while still respecting the local standards of modesty.  I envy those cultures in hot regions that never developed the use of clothing, naked would be much cooler.