I’m titling this post “bonjour” because that’s the word I’ve said several hundred times already today. “Here” is Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, a French-speaking country in West Africa, just North of Ghana. Almost everyone is quite friendly; a smile and a “bonjour” is always returned in kind. There are a few overly pushy salesmen, but given the general level of poverty around here it’s easy to forgive.

This is just a quick post to let everyone know we made it here in one piece and in style. David has promised a post with good details later. Here’s a teaser: a private drum performance, and David involved in a street brawl. Stay tuned.

– D

Yes, as David Revell has stated we are indeed in “ouaga” as they say here . Always a chance to try out my French and sometimes helpful, other times …well, you see about the brwl that was aforementioned … I think that approaches sensationalism on th part of my esteemed travel comapnion. It actually was a littel testy, but ….  well, it seems the young man of 20 something felt like he ‘guided’ us to the african instrument museum, but in reality he just annoyed us by asking what counry are you from and I could use a  little present to pay for medicene. I said I much rather help those that need musch more assistance and thank you very much but good bye. Short story, he bacame  not nice’ shall we say. He parted ways with us saying to David Revell your Daddy is not a nice man! Well I guess I can’t be loved by all! All other peole have been quite pleasant! More later Gotta go!