Large market baskets
Large round market baskets $25

 Everyone seems to love the authentic Bolga baskets and we are right here at the source.  Considering the importance of every dollar contributed for projects here, it seems reasonable to offer our friends the opportunity to pre-order baskets for $25 each, with profits going toward the food projects* we oversee.  By asking people to pre-order, we have the advantage of better knowing our full financial abilities for local food purchases on this trip.  Because the baskets are lightweight, we can easily bring baskets back to the US when we return in January 2010.




Large oblong baskets


If you want a basket:

Email revellstone@yahoo.com to let us know the number of baskets, shape, color scheme, and handles. 

We will deliver baskets and collect money when we get home in January 2010. 

                   Shape – 3 choices 

1. large round

2. large oblong

3. small round

                 Color scheme-1. Green/orange

2. Green/blue

3. Purple/ orange

4. Rose/blue

5. Natural (no dyes, straw color)

6. green/yellow



1. Dark red leather (this is traditional)

2. Natural straw


*The majority of our financial resources are directed toward two food projects for under-nourished children: 

 Project #1. School lunch at selected schools for the early primary grades during the lean season.  School lunch plans for Guaware school (see prior entry) are underway. 

 Project #2. Food for a nutrition center providing daily feeding, as well as nutrition education, for children identified at the clinic as malnourished.  Mothers bring the children daily, prepare the food, and eat with the children for breakfast and lunch.


(In addition, we have raised funds for an ongoing farmer project involving guinea fowls and a limited number of college scholarship/loans.  These projects are going well.)