Barbara is a scholarship recipient for her studies at Savannah College of Education

A contingent of 6 volunteers will travel to the Nabdam District of northern Ghana in January 2024. In this first update, please let me tell you about our biggest program, college scholarships. David Stone’s ongoing work with the scholarship program (with 1/3 payback) continues. In 2023, Yakote Women Farmers (YWF) was able to support 64 determined college students as they work toward diplomas in nursing, teaching, veterinary nurse, Disease Control, Economics, and Medical Lab Science.

Additionally, in 2023, David interviewed a number of new applicants for scholarships, 35 qualified for the program and are on a waiting list. Contingent on funding/donations, the wait listed group are anxiously waiting to to learn if they will be able to begin college in 2024.

Tertiary school is extremely affordable by U.S. standards, but not in Ghana. Most families are subsistence farmers in the Nabdam district, earning $1-$2/day. YWF spent a total of $24,000 for all 64 students in 2023. To clarify, that is an average of $375 per student for a year of education. All of them eventually able to earn a living wage in Ghana. At this time, there is $18,000 remaining in the scholarship budget. With tuitions due in January 2024, this is a very good time to donate!

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