Our last week in Ghana consisted of trips to and fro, buying over 3 tons of food and delivering it to Kongo-Logre Nutrition Center and Gunwarre and Agoruk primary schools. While negotiating the food purchases it was impossible to ignore the unending variety of photo opportunities. First of all, there are large cows with sharp horns wandering the market in search of a mouthful of corn:
IMG_4692 (1)
In the front of this Bolga market scene, you see a stick protruding near a full basin of corn – a stick for batting away the cows and goats:
This elderly woman sweeps the occasional spilled grains of rice, millet, and corn from the dirt in hopes of having a meal at the end of the day:
And there are the young men pushing the limits of their strength, loading 200 pound bags all day in and out of impossibly overloaded vehicles:
This is one of the men who loaded our truck, a tough way to make $4-$5/day:

The end of the day –  1,800 pounds of rice, 1,200 pounds of beans, 400 pounds of gari (cassava powder), herrings,  dried peppers, palm oil, Frytol, tinned tomatoes, dowa dowa (a seasoning) and salt. The man in the yellow shirt is sewing the bags closed before loading the truck: