Feb. 2017 work trip: Chareundi Van-Si (coordinate irrigation pumps), Lisa Revell (feeding programs, clinic improvements, high school fees assistance), Marilyn Schuster (Yakote Women’s Social Center, corn grinding mill, community donkey carts), David Stone (college scholarships).


A word from Chareundi –

“Visiting Ghana, West Africa was the thrill of my life, especially coordinating a volunteer project to assist dry season farmers with manual irrigation pump systems. The people were nice and respectful. What caught me by surprise how significantly important it is to meet and greet each other there and taking time to ask about the well being of their immediate families. The local and tribal culture is still live and intact – the funeral service is celebrated with drumming and dancing for three days 24/7. I did participate in the ritual dancing competition- that was great experience. The extended family living arrangement in a compound of mud/adobe rooms is the way of life. I enjoyed visiting people in the local market, seeing their homes, and meeting with many folks at their farms. When going back again I will resume where I have left off. Chareundi Van-Si, 1st time Volunteer” 

Chareundi meeting with dry season farmers at one of the gardens and at work operating a pump.