It has been one of those African test of patience and to some part physical endurance, but ( ‘donno’ drum roll here would be appropriate) WE HAVE A MOTO! To those who need a translation this is a motorcycle. Most here are of the 125 cc variety made either i China or Korea. I am led to believe that our Sukida was made in Korea.  I gave it test drive yesterday and it feel great, aply handling the ever-changing terrain of any road used. So, can you tell? I am happy, esp, because this means we have new-found freedom to go places such as Bolga ( 30 minutes) Nangoodi ( 10 minutes) Pelungo (30 minutes) or Papa (50 minutes). ….. you won’t find any of these destination on a map or probably anywhere else but a tourist guide such as Bradt. Bradt is the best for Africa in our opinion.

Good friends …. it is because of the efforts of Emmanuel Ontoyen that we found a reliable moto. They have an interesting unspoken price system in many establishments in Bolga. If you are white, it is assumed you can afford more, which is a pretty accurate conclusion. So they tend to raise the price esp. on high ticket purchases. While I shop I have fun insisting to the storekeeper that indeed I am black and Arabarka! ( lower price,please)! We both smile about this and sometimes they agree to assist me in a reduced price. Store-owners are poor in American standards but are not really bad off compared to the people we hope to help. So all the more money we can have to assist farmers and students the better. Ok .. it is fun bargaining too, I admit it. Back to Emmanuel, I played no part in the negotiations on the price of the moto. He did it all then brought the man to me, we sat down at a ‘spot- outside drinking place ( I did not drink Jackson students!) -and readily accepted the good and fair price of about $475. Here it is fair. In the states, I think it would be an absolute steal. I wouldn’t know as I never operate a moto in the states. Slight pun intended here as  avoiding unfenced animals crossing the road causes many accidents. I resolve to be careful. -David Stone