Lisa and Olives are meeting to discuss food for the HIV patients. We are sitting on the small veranda in front of our rooms at the guest house.

Lisa and David’s niece, Britney, administered the YWF nutrition programs two years ago. She was the first to meet Olives, the HIV patient coordinator at the Logre clinic. A more caring and kinder person would be hard to meet. In Ghana, there is still a stigma attached to those families where members are receiving HIV treatment.The “Global Fund” is providing the clinic with free ARV drugs to achieve viral suppression.Due to fear of stigma in the community, patients can be reluctant to come regularly for the viral monitoring, have interruptions in their treatments with the drugs, and often are reluctant to get family members tested. Olives proposed that we offer food as an incentive. We have devised a plan to provide two packets of food as patients come in for their first and second visits to the HIV center. additional incentives are offered for family members to get tested. We project to provide 240 patients with two food packets over the next year at a cost of $1500. In this way, we feel quite optimistic about significantly reducing the incidence of AIDS in newborns.