There are 5 of us now in Ghana working on projects affiliated with Yakote Women Farmers.We are settled in 3 rooms at the Kongo Spiritual Renewal Center. Other than afternoon temperatures in the 100’s, we are reasonably comfortable. The 2 teachers in our group, David (Stone) and Denise (Larson), teach literature and reading for both high school and primary students. On the medical side, Lisa (Revell, David’s wife) has started treating patients with “rheumatic pains” at the Kongo-Logre Clinic. Marilyn and Lou (Schuster) are overseeing the finishing touches on the yet-to-be-named social center/food storage facility/skills training center in Yakote. They are planning a festive dedication ceremony involving local chiefs and people of the nearby villages for December. This photo shows Lou Schuster and Denise Larson with the landowner of a farm near the newly constructed social center. Lou brought the hat to the landowner as a gift and he absolutely loves it.    Image