mrs-rosers-level-6-class.jpgTime  TIme has passed indeed since a great group of 6th graders form MS Roser’s class put on a very successful fundraising drive to earn money for pocket dictionaries for high school students in northern most Ghana (don’t let the word ‘north’ throw you – we are not too far from the equator). In fact those 6th graders are now very able 7th graders. My wife, Lisa has successfully put the bove picture of these esteemed students. Kudos to both her and the aforementioned!

It has been a continuous but totally unproductive effort on my part just make an order of books take place here in Bolgatanga. In fact, I have been to probably every bookstore in town. There is always something that has prevented any action from taking place ( boss not there, no phone minutes available to call order, bookstore closed all day, to name a few).

But Eureka! I successfully ordered 25 dictionaries at a reduced price! There is the promise of 25 more by Friday! This means that I strap the box of 25 to my moto and deliver them to my class on Wednesday! I only wish I could somehow share how much this gift means to kids learning English as a second language. You see, most speak Frafra, an unwritten language of the area. The level of English understanding can not help but improve with a personal dictionary available at all times. Since many have never had opportunity to use a dictionary I will be spending time teaching them how to use it. These kids are bright; they only lack the chance to prove themselves. Ms. Roser’s class has helped these student ages 17 -19 take a small step in the right direction.  May they walk proudly and prudently, both the student here in far away at Jackson. David Stone