As I account for my students in Kongo Senior Secondary what some of the differences are between here in north Ghana and life in the states, specifically, Portland in my fine state of Oregon, I reflect on how it is here, for us as we lead our daily lives.

We discover all too often that our mighty moto needs  more service. The kickstand has now been repaired two times. But is done ‘while you wait’ and how very low cost. It is nearly embarrassing how little some things cost. Internet is something we take for granted in the states. Here, we drove our moto to Bolga three times intending to spend a couple of hours on internet, email, web site …… it is not a ‘ take for granted’ thing here. Along with everyone else we breath deeply and just carry on with our lives.

I suppose the mini-challenge that is most notable for me is maybe not so ‘mini’ but many. That is …… waiting. People wait for buses to fill before leaving ( more than one hour), they wait for class to start ( the teacher’s moto ran out of petrol), they wait for pay ( one health worker has not been paid for last month) and we wait for meetings to start. It is hard for me to break the attitude to arrive  somewhat on time for a 2:00 meeting ( maybe 2:05) . I should just relax! That meeting will be starting at 3:30, maybe 4! But because we are , to some degree, in charge of organizing these meetings for assisting the communities, we feel the need to be there, should by chance it start on time. So we while away the time with the other 10 people who are there …….waiting . Maybe this is a good time to pause for reflection.        –David Stone