In the days before traveling to Bolgatanga and purchasing food, we always meet with each of the schools and the nutrition center to discuss plans for the year. In the past week Britney and Marilyn met with the staff, community elders, PTA, and cooks at each location. Today, Friday, Britney is on her first of many trips to purchase the food!


Marilyn and Britney meeting with staff and PTA at Piitanga Primary – The lunch program is just beginning this year at this school. The parents have brought some food from their farms that will be used in lunch program, in addition to the food we will purchase. This community is dedicated to educating and feeding their children. We are working to fund a new school at this site.


Some of the women who will do the cooking and clean up at Gorug school, along with the PTA president. The community grew 500 pounds of beans (worth $150) to contribute to the lunch program. The mother’s who cook are all volunteers.


This is staff, community elders, PTA, and the cooks meeting with Britney at Guanware Primary where we have provided a lunch program for many years. The students who originally started in the Guanware lunch program are now in high school.