Agorug students (Zaan means “welcome”)


Getting water at the borehole for Agorog School

Some readers might like a little background on how we got started with school feeding. It all began during an early trip to Ghana in 2005, when a committee was formed with a representative from each Nabdam village. The number one priority in this group was food for children to help get through the dry season and to encourage school attendance. After a little research into the incidence of under nutrition and the effects on brain development, we began the lunch program at Gunwagre School on our next trip.

As a small, homegrown charitable organization, donations have slowly increased over the years. A while back, we added feeding at a nutrition center for seriously malnourished, very young children. And this year, we are able to add a second lunch program at another remote school – Agoruk Primary. This morning was our chance to meet officials, parents, and teachers at Agoruk and do the necessary planning for food storage/security/transport, a makeshift outdoor kitchen, firewood, cooking pots, and etc. David in particular, reluctantly makes it through the planning meetings. In this case, however, we were treated to a wonderful traditional dancing performance afterward, making it definitely worth the trip. I tried unsuccessfully to load a video. Maybe later!