Interesting motorcycle (“moto” in the local jargon) days Incident #1:  David and Lisa are returning from a visit to discuss farming at the Kongo Assemblyman’s house, located about 3 miles off the main road via winding bush path.  The motorcycle ride to get there has been varying degres of uphill on a rocky path.  Thanks to David’s excellent driving ability, the trip was challenging but uneventful.  Kudos to David, the Klamath Falls farm boy who grew up driving motorcycles!   Things are more interesting on the way down.  Unbeknown to Lisa and David, a farmer and his cow are having a struggle regarding whether to cross the path or not.  The farmer has managed to tie a rope around one of the cow’s legs and is pulling the cow across the path and towards his farm.   The farmer is slowly making headway, but things are not going smoothly.  The cow seems stubbornly determined to go in the opposite direction.  With the rope stretched between the cow on one side of the path and the farmer on the other, David and Lisa come down the path and around a corner.  In an instant, they notice the startled face of the farmer, the stubborn cow, and the taught rope stretched across the path directly in front of the moto and approximately 10 inches off the ground.  Lisa thinks the rope will surely become tangled in the moto, resulting in a strong possibility of close bodily contact with the cow’s horns or sharp rocks on the trail.  Somehow, the rope goes under the tires without hesitation.  With a relieved glance at each other and a shrug of the shoulders, David and Lisa continue down the hill, thankful that they will be making it safely back for lunch at their quarters.  The ride down the hill proceeds uninterrupted UNTIL….. Incident #2 David and Lisa have experienced a peaceful five minute ride since the interesting cow incident.  They enjoy the cooling breeze as they proceed down the path on this 90  degree day.  Suddenly, David applies the moto brakes HARD, coming to a jolting, forceful stop.  A local boy riding on a bike behind them has to run off the path into a field on the right to avoid crashing into them.  Fortunately for the biker, the very large snake in front of the moto is crossing to the left side of the path. Everyone, including the snake, emerge unscathed.  Nearly all snakes in the area are venomous. To end the story, David and Lisa make it back to their quarters shortly thereafter.   They have what is becoming rather repetitive lunch of bread and Laughing Cow processed cheese.  It seems a good afternoon to take it easy and avoid further risks to life and limb.