Britney has discovered she loves the cacophony of the Bolga market when she made food purchases for the Nutrition Center on Friday. This the shopping list she used, she found a 10% inflation in food costs over last year. FYI, 1 dollar equals 4.2 GH cedis.


Back in Kongo for the weekend for a bit of relaxation she took some photos of scenes from the village and nearby countryside:


A typical soccer “field”.


Husband and wife, dry season farmers, prepare to take tomatoes to market. Britney and Marilyn are organizing a farmer training to discuss common problems among those farmers with our foot irrigation pumps. For example insect control, composting for fertilization, and protecting crops from livestock.

Relaxing in the village:

A mother and daughters                          Girls playing a clapping/jumping game

Britney reports she is enjoying her time in Ghana and wishes they were staying longer!