These are the affable, yet powerful young men living near Gorug School who volunteered to hand carry several tons of bagged food through the Bolgatanga market. Some bags weigh over 200 pounds! They filled three  Motokings (carts attached to a 150 cc motorcycle)  for the cautious, 15 mile trip to Gorug School. For security, the bags are stored in the headmasters office.







Janet works with us extensively in getting the best foods at a good price for the 3 feeding programs. Here she is demonstrating that amazing, yet typical, Ghanaian flexibility as she picks up some spilled beans.




To show gratitude for their lunch program, the head of the Gorug PTA, Rosina – the teacher that oversees lunch preparation, and another school official bring us a delicious guinea fowl. We spent $2,250.00 on food that will feed 260 students and teachers for 3 days/week through July.  Student families will provide firewood. The school garden will provide fresh vegetables and additional beans. img_6520