BIg contributors to education in GHANA! Many thanks Ms.Kob’s class

These students went to great effort in November and December of 2007 raise money for students in Ghana. A long tim in coming as things tend to move at their own pace in this part of the world, but this writer, one David Stone, is happy to announce that every student in th high school where I volunteer teach is receiving a an Oxford pocket ditionary! This is truly a significant thing ; in the final year, all students take a national test that dtermones if they can continue with further educaton or not. If not, many doors close on options for a good livlihood. Thes dictionaries will improve immeasurably their chances of passing the test. Letters have been sent to Ms. Kob’s class by many of the recipients expressing gratitude. As the one dispersing the dictionaries, I can tell you this gesture is heartfelt and much appreciated. I only wish someday, some of these students or perhaps Ms. Kob’s herself can come hre to experience the wonderful peole in this beautiful but very dry land in northern Ghana. There is a balance of about 75 dollars. With permission form the students , I am thining it appropriate to give that to a older widow lady whose house burned. She cares for three students at the primary level. All books and one uniform were burned. They have no place to sleep except outside. That balence can build one roof for one room. What do you think, Ms. Kob’s class. Is it a “go”?